Depression and self help, where do you turn for the answers?

General practice is the formal point of entry into the mental health care system, and GPs act as the ‘gatekeepers’, playing a central role in this help-seeking process. A good GP is therefore central to ensuring that individuals receive the best and most appropriate mental health care possible. It is also important to remember that pharmaceutical intervention is not necessarily the key to all treatments – diet, as well as alternative therapies, can be key players in recovery.

Whilst many forms of depression can be easily treated in primary care, many people chose not to undertake, or are certainly reluctant to begin, the journey that takes them on this route of self-help. There is such a high prevalence of mental health problems and disorders that develop in adolescence and early adulthood, yet young people in particular are the least likely to seek professional help. It seems that the stigma that is associated with mental health issues plays a significant role in the choices that people make. Individuals are also less likely to ask for help if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and depressive symptoms, hold negative attitudes toward seeking help or have had negative past experiences with help offered. Furthermore, the belief that they should be able to sort out their own mental health problems on their own plays a strong inhibitory role when it comes to asking for help. On the other hand, people are more likely to seek help through talking to their family and friends, since this helps with expressing their feelings without fear of prejudice. If they have some knowledge about mental health issues and the relevant sources of help, they are more likely to seek help. Thus, internet-based information is now a routine source of knowledge for mental health issues and can provide key information. There is so much information on the internet on self-help and advice for people with depression that it can quite overwhelming!

For this reason, I’ve formulated a nice easy to read info pack that people can download, read online or print and take away. It covers depression facts and various treatments including conventional treatments, dietary changes that are known to help, as well as alternative treatments to pharmaceutical drugs. Download my depression help pack now.

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