Vegifest London Olympia 11th October 2015

Talk title ‘Omega-3 solutions for vegetarians and vegans’


CAMEXPO London Olympia London 26-27th September 2015

Talk title ‘Personalising omega-3 for optimal results treatment using a biomarker-based approach’


Food Nutrition and Agriculture Genomics Congress 29th-30th April 2015 Kensington London

Talk title ‘Optimising omega-3 treatment using the biomarker-based approach’


CAMEXPO London Olympia London 5th October 2014

Talk title “Managing chronic inflammation: a cutting edge approach to reversing chronic disease”


COPA London Olympia June 2014

Talk title ‘Specialist clinical nutrition an essential adjunct to successful manual therapy’


International Conference on Fibromyalgia & M.E. Tullamore, Ireland  31st October 2010

Talk title: Irritable bowel syndrome and the role of diet”


The Perrin Technique Conference Manchester 24th October 2010)

Talk title: “Nutrition and the Toxic Patient”


Bristol Eco veggie Fayre Bristol 29th – 30th May 2010

Talk title: ‘Is echium seed oil the new flax?’

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